Last Call: The French Get Their Pantaloons In A Bunch Over The President’s Champagne Sparkling Wine

The Hill: France’s wine lobby in the United States has totally flipped after learning that Korbel will be serving a California champagne at President Obama’s inauguration luncheon. See, France insists that champagne can only be called champagne if it comes from the Champagne region; thus, it’s imperative that Korbel call their inferior American product a “sparkling wine.” However, since US law says that Korbel’s free to call their wine a “California champagne,” all France can do is release public statements expressing how impotent and annoyed they are. As they do.

The Huffington Post: The dating website HowAboutWe… recently released a list of the hottest first date suggestions in major American cities, and boy oh boy do they confirm stereotypes: Austin loves food trucks, Philadelphia’s overly fond of BYOBs, and Boston…eats tapas? (Eh, better than going on a date to Jackie’s Packie.)

The Wall Street Journal: Let’s take a look inside Salvation Taco, the latest concept from April Bloomfield. Is it strange having a taqueria from a chef known as the finest from England’s green and pleasant lands? As long as it involves multiple pig parts, who cares?

Bloomberg: Ryan Sutton skewers John Delucie’s attempts at revamping Bill’s Gay Nineties, now renamed Bill’s Food and Drink. You know what turns out to be not so gay? Paying $69 for Dover sole “a la cafeteria.”

The New Potato: Bill Telepan sat down with The New Potato and dished on what it takes to be TV Chef-charming. Best quote: “The Chew is a talk show. It’s a frigging talk show.”

Serious Eats: Hey, you know what’s always gross? Those weird “cheeseburger pizza” concoctions. It just screams Hamburger Helper in the most unappetizing way possible. Domino’s Japan isn’t helping any with its kobe beef version, either. The only thing grosser than cheeseburger pizza is a $66 pie from Domino’s.

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