Did Mario Batali Throw His The Chew Co-Hosts And Audience Under The Bus?

The ever-articulate Mario Batali may have just performed the most delicate be-Croc-ed foot-in-mouth insertion we’ve ever seen, or he just pulled off the world’s most graceful intentionally snide insult. Either way: we’re impressed.

In an interview with Eater, Mario dished on how he plans to continue hosting The Chew, even though he wasn’t entirely sure how he and his chosen co-hosts would gel at first. Is it just us, though, or is this compliment ever so slightly backhanded?

I never would have chosen my roommates, but after a year of working with them, I realize that they don’t have weird ulterior motives. These are pure people. Their messages are not all yet clear, even after a year, but they’re smart and fun.

Asked to clarify what he meant by “message,” Mario replied:

Whatever message they want to purvey. Clearly I present myself as a kind of know-it-all who really enjoys explaining things, not in a pedantic but empowering way. It’s kind of like what Molto Mario was about. All of these personalities come together and make what I think is a compelling and fun show to watch. It’s certainly for the people that are watching TV at 1 PM.

Hold up; a subtle burn to his co-hosts and his geriatric and/or bonbon-binging/day-drinking bored housewife audience base? Yikes on bikes. We’d scold you for being harsh, Mario, but it probably went far enough over the heads of those involved that no one noticed. We guess, then, we’ll just have to quietly congratulate you for being secretly naughty? Shh. (Good work.)


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