WATCH: Ming Tsai and Carla Hall Reminisce About The Top Chef Target Quick Fire

Ming Tsai stopped by The Chew today to whip up a one-pot simple summer meal with Mario Batali, but the funny man wound up yukking it up with Carla Hall over the Top Chef All-Stars Quick Fire Challenge he guest-judged. If you remember, it involved several bleary-eyed chefs taking over a Target around 3am to cook only using foods they could rustle up from the pantry section of the store.

Carla knocked out a pretty tasty soup, but Dale Talde (known to Ming simply, reverently as “the clever Asian guy”) won that challenge with his clothing iron grilled cheese. Ming also warned us all of the dangers of over-salting (are you listening future chef-testants of America?). Of course, that danger becomes much more threatening when you’re working with already over-salted, processed foods. The thought of this challenge is actually making us go into sodium shock right now, so we’re going to go rehydrate, but you should check out the clip below.

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