WATCH: Roger Waters Teaches Eric Ripert To Play ‘Wish You Were Here’ On Guitar

“We both care about shit, and thank goodness that we do,” said Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters to Eric Ripert in a hot and heavy conversation spanning politics, religion, and the economy on the latest episode of Eric’s Reserve Channel YouTube series On The Table. An odd pair, to be sure, although there’s nothing quite like a French chef and an English musician talking about politics to cleanse your palate during an exhaustively nitpicking election cycle.

The focus is less on the food than in other episodes, but Roger does teach Eric the five opening notes of “Wish You Were Here” on guitar, which is pretty sick. And the fish tacos and steak au poivre looked respectable, even if there was a bit of a power struggle in the kitchen. (Roger seemed a bit bullish in the aging rock star way, triggering uncharacteristic indignant defensiveness from Eric.) All in good fun, though!

Watch this to diffuse your brain’s tension leading up to tomorrow night.

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