Twitter Has Spoken: Apology Lite By Paula Deen Doesn’t Cut It

If Paula Deen was hoping to win back the artery-clogged hearts and minds of the people with her poorly-edited apology for her racist statements made during a legal deposition, a cursory, initial look at the Twitter public opinion barometer reveals that she failed. Miserably.

We had a tough time editing the hundreds of tweets sent immediately after her video was published (then taken private, then re-published, and now taken private again), but for every tweet accepting her apology, we estimate there were at least ten denouncing her — from the media she insisted would twist her words, to former fans shocked that she could be so blasé in her apology, to everyday people who wondered why there were so many jump-cuts in her apology. We’ve broken them down into Four Categories Of Anger below.

UPDATE: Aaaaand she’s fired.

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