While Fast-Food Workers Strike, Umami Burger Serves ‘Money’s No Object’ Burger


We have all the feels about this. And mostly conflicting ones. And a lot of questions.

The New York City outpost of LA’s burger chain Umami Burger announced on Facebook a new burger on the menu, called “M.N.O. (Money’s No Object).” It costs $75. Its Facebook description:

Imagine all that dry-aged Bryan Flannery wagyu beef, vintage wine port reduction, freshly shaved white Alba truffles and oh yeah, that Grade A Hudson Valley foie gras! Dammmmmn.

Indeed. But — well, we have a lot on our minds right now. To the good people at New York City’s Umami Burger:

1) You do watch the news, right?
2) You have seen all the coverage of the fast-food worker strikes, right?
3) You do perhaps realize that for many, many, many people — including people in your very industry — money is an object, right?
4) So perhaps launching a $75 burger that attracts buzz from us stupid food media and others, gets rich folks in the door, and laughs at the fact that people struggle to make a living wage serving food to the bastards who can afford a $75 burger — and launching it during the holiday season, where income inequality is far too painfully noticeable — perhaps that was insensitive?

Which brings us to our last question….

5) Is money no object to your workers serving a $75 burger?

/end rant.


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