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WATCH: Heston Blumenthal’s New Book Trailer, With Time Travel And Living Paintings

Perhaps it won’t be like actually riding a roller coaster through time, space, and drawings of Queen Elizabeth, but the trailer for Heston Blumenthal’s book Historic Heston visually captures the experience of his Time Traveling Adventures Through British Cuisine.

Spanning from the medieval period to the end of the Victorian era, Blumethal selects 28 different recipes and modernizes them to his Blumethal-esque liking — though it turns out that many of his famous dishes were, in fact, inspired by these historic recipes. For instance, the clementine filled with meat? That’s totally a medieval recipe. It’s true! It says so in the video below! Man, British cuisine was so cool before World War I destroyed centuries of culinary knowledge.

Historic Heston comes out November 18th, but can be pre-ordered by clicking here.

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