Conservative Web Outlets See Traffic Plummet Last Month, Per Report


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Conservative web sites took a major traffic hit in July compared to performance numbers from a year ago, according to a report published by TheRighting.

The outlet, which tracks the most-viewed right-wing websites, reported that three-quarters of the 20 outlets it regularly monitors lost traffic in July. The biggest losses were felt by The Federalist, Daily Signal, and the Washington Free Beacon.

The report also said that attracted 74.7 million unique visitors in July 2023 compared to 76.2 million in July 2022, for a drop of 2%.

The rankings were based on the number of unique visitors, plus gains or losses compared to the previous year. Below are the biggest traffic winners and losers, according to the report.

· Hannity (+140%)
· Washington Examiner (+39%)
· Newsmax (+11%)

· The Federalist (-77)
· Daily Signal (-74%)
· Washington Free Beacon (-61%)

Sean Hannity‘s whopping 140% increase on his personal blog over July 2022 may be down to his choice of big-name guests, who included presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and former President Donald Trump, who were interviewed in “town hall” settings.

Of all the news websites, CNN ranked #1 with 114,549,000 unique visitors in July, which was up 1% compared July 2022, while The New York Times Brand (-4%) and the Washington Post (-12%) were both losers, according to the report.

Conservative social media sites also suffered major losses except for Rumble, which gained 31% more unique visitors since last year. According to TheRighting:

Rumble (9,329,000; +31% vs year ago)
Truth Social  (2,406,000; -5% vs year ago)
MeWe (816,000; -28% vs year ago)
Gettr (218,000; -72% vs year ago)

TheRighting said it uses data from Comscore to guide its rankings.

Read TheRighting’s report here.

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