Alan Dershowitz Tells Newsmax Trump Impeachment Conviction Would Taint 2024 Election: ‘People Will Not Accept’ Results


Harvard Law professor emeritus and celebrity attorney Alan Dershowitz told Newsmax viewers that if ex-President Donald Trump is convicted at his impeachment trial and banned from running again, the 2024 election will be tainted as a result.

During an episode of former Trump White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s Spicer & Co. show, Dershowitz offered a dire warning that convicting Trump and banishing him from seeking federal office would set “a bad precedent.”

“This is a total mess, and what’s going to happen is, if in the event the president, former president Trump, is convicted and is disqualified, this will raise questions about the legitimacy of the 2024 election,” Dershowitz said.

“People will not accept an election where a group of Democratic senators, with a few Republicans, have denied the American public the right to vote for a candidate who they may want to see as president of the United States,” he continued.

Dershowitz called removing and disqualifying a president once he’s left office a “bad precedent,” and rattled off a list of other former presidents who could be next.

“So we’re going to go after President Carter now? President Obama? President Clinton? President Bush? Are we going to use this impeachment to prevent future people from running for office? It’s not what the framers intended,” Dershowitz said.

Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton are already ineligible to run for president because they each served two terms, and none of them — including President Jimmy Carter — incited a deadly insurrection during their respective terms. In a recent poll, 55 percent of Americans favored convicting Trump and banning him from seeking federal office.

Watch the clip above via Newsmax. (h/t Media Matters’ Jason Campbell)

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