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George W. Bush

George W. Bush Reportedly Basks in Trump Chaos: He ‘Sorta Makes Me Look Pretty Good’

Trump Opts to Skip Reading Daily Intelligence Report, Relies on Oral Briefings Instead

Will Ferrell Reprises George W. Bush in SNL Cold Open: ‘I’m Suddenly Popular AF’

‘As The Founders Intended’: Twitter Loves Photo of Former Presidents With Lady Gaga

Bannon Lambastes George W. Bush: ‘Has No Earthly Idea Whether He’s Coming or Going’

Karl Rove: People Are Praising Bush to ‘Find a Way to Hate Trump Even More’

Sharpton: I Disagreed a Lot With George W. Bush, But He Never ‘Got in the Gutter’

Karl Rove, With A Straight Face, Just Said George W. Bush’s Speech Was Not About Trump

George W. Bush Slams #MAGA: Nativism, Bigotry, ‘Casual Cruelty’ Pulling Us Apart

Trump-Supporting Twitter Users Claim Obama Golfed During Katrina (Except He Wasn’t President)

George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush Issue Statement on Charlottesville: We Must Always Reject Hatred

Shocker: MSNBC Panel Turns Segment Praising Past Presidents Into a Dig at Trump

Nancy Pelosi Pines For George W. Bush: ‘I Wish He Were President Now’

WATCH: George W. Bush Photobombs Fox Sports Reporter at Texas Rangers Game

GOP Rep. Compares Trump’s AHCA Rose Garden Celebration to Bush’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ Speech

Will Ferrell’s Bush Crashes Sam Bee’s Not-the-WHCD Event: ‘How Do You Like Me Now?!’

‘That Was Some Weird Sh*t’: George W. Bush Reportedly WTF on Trump Inauguration

Jimmy Kimmel Talks Trump With George W. Bush: ‘Were You Jealous of the Size of the Crowds at Trump’s Inauguration?’

Ellen Degeneres Teases George Bush About Inauguration Day: ‘Was That Your First Time Putting a Poncho On?’

‘I Like George Bush Now!’: Former President Speaking Out Against Trump Charms Joy Behar

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