Alex Jones Sanctioned By Judge For Threatening Lawyer Representing Sandy Hook Families


Conspiracy theorist and Infowars host Alex Jones was sanctioned by a Connecticut judge on Tuesday in connection to a lawsuit filed by families of the 2012 Newtown, Connecticut shooting victims — which was in response to him suggesting a lawyer representing the plaintiffs planted child porn on his computers.

Jones, who is being sued by the victims’ families for falsely claiming that the shooting was staged by gun control advocates, made the comments during a Friday stream of his show, during which the fringe conservative pundit — while discussing the unsolicited child porn sent to Infowars with his lawyer — named an attorney on the opposing side of the Newtown case and proceeded to “pound on a picture of his face,” per a court filing yesterday that was reported by CNN.

“And then now magically they want metadata out of hundreds of thousands of emails they got, and they know just where to go,” said Jones prior to naming the Sandy Hook families’ attorney. “What a nice group of Democrats. How surprising. What nice people.”

Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis said Jones’ comments mark “uncharted territory” in the highly publicized case and noted today that Jones comments constitute “unconscionable,” “indefensible,” and even “possibly criminal behavior” while announcing the sanctions. The Newtown plaintiffs accused Jones of making “threats” against their counsel in front of his sizable audience in a motion they filed Monday to request Bellis look over Jones latest inflammatory comments about the ongoing litigation.

While Jones’ attorney Norman Pattis admitted his client “became impassioned” and “upset” in a court filing yesterday, Pattis would not concede that Jones threatened the plaintiffs’ counsel, claiming, “He spoke in a compassionate fashion.”

During a stream the day after his meltdown, Jones attempted to clarify his comments, saying, “I’m not saying that the lawyers for the Sandy Hook families set this up or did this.”

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