Biden’s Brain Surgeon Says Biden’s Brain is… ‘Functioning’: He’s the Only Candidate Who Has One


Fear not, said Joe Biden’s brain surgeon Dr. Neal Kassel. The presidential candidate’s frequent and uncontrollable gaffes are not indicative of his mental faculties, which Kassel said are most certainly all there.

Kassell performed brain surgery on the 76-year-old three decades ago following two brain aneurysms. He said Biden is “as sharp as he was 31 years ago” and assured that the hemorrhage did not cause any brain damage.

“I am going to vote for the candidate who I am absolutely certain has a brain that is functioning,”  Kassell told Politico — in a not-so-veiled shot at President Donald Trump. “And that narrows it down to exactly one.”

Biden’s physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor agreed with Kassell, saying Biden is “more than capable of handling the rigors of the campaign and the office for which he is running.”

Several experts told Politico that voters place too much of an emphasis on age, given that there are five candidates in their 70s running for office. “They have prospects for survival that extend well beyond the four-year term of the office,” assured Dr. Jay Olshansky with the  American Federation of Aging Research.

Some of Biden’s most recent gaffes include August 9th when he said “poor kids are just as smart as white kids” or August 12 when he claimed he was VP during the Stoneman Douglas shooting, which occurred more than a year after the end of the Obama administration. Then there’s the fact that he claimed not to understand personal boundaries because he’s from a different era.

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]

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