Bloomberg Law Staffers Reportedly Told Not to Share Follow-Up Report on Trump Labor Official Being Reinstated


Bloomberg Law received a ton of criticism this week for a report on supposed anti-Semitism from Trump Labor official Leif Olson — which was actually sarcastic and meant as mocking anti-Semitic beliefs. Olson resigned after Bloomberg Law inquired about the posts.

The report was criticized heavily in the media — not just in the conservative media — and Olson was ultimately reinstated at the Labor Department.

Bloomberg Law is still facing scrutiny for running the report with the anti-Semitism framing in the first place. The initial headline has been changed and there’s been a correction posted saying in part, “In light of the subsequent events, we removed ‘Anti-Semitic’ from the headline and clarified Olson’s reference to those tropes.”

Bloomberg Law has a report up on Olson being reinstated, but last night CNN’s Oliver Darcy reported in the Reliable Sources newsletter that reporters were sent an email and told “not to tweet the new story out.”

Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple obtained that email from a Bloomberg Law editor and shared it in a new report today:

You may have heard that Leif Olson, the subject of our story yesterday, will rejoin the Labor Department. The agency announced it this morning, and we are about the post a story on it.

Please do not tweet out the story or about the story (or use any other social media to post anything). And really, please do not tweet even generally about Leif Olson coming back to the department, or engage with anyone on social media about it. That is only likely to invite more twitter-rage.

Wemple also criticizes Bloomberg Law for leaving up “absurd stretches of text” that don’t make sense given the correction.

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