Two Police Officers Shot During Unrest in Louisville; Suspect in Custody (UPDATED)


A Louisville police officer has reportedly been shot during unrest just hours after the announcement that no charges would be filed against the three policemen for their role in the killing of Breonna Taylor.

CNN’s Shimon Prokupecz, on the ground with the protests in Louisville on Wednesday, reported that he was moving with a group of protestors when he heard several gunshots from a distance. Speaking to anchor Anderson Cooper, Prokupecz relayed that dozens of police officers had converged on the shooting site while others rapidly pushed Prokupecz and his crew away from the incident.

“This is the area, we believe, Anderson, where that officer was shot,” the CNN reporter explained. “We were walking with that group when we heard gunshots fired… We don’t know much more than what the police have already put out, which is that this one officer was shot and that’s about all the details we have at this point. This is something obviously that many of the officers here in the city has feared, there would be some protests that would turn violent and certainly, if this officer as the police are saying was shot, this is definitely going to be an escalation here and we’re going to see how police respond.”

“What they are doing is trying to block off all of the intersections here and trying to keep people away,” Prokupecz added. “A lot of the protesters have left and so right now it’s just police and they’re obviously investigating the shooting.”

UPDATE — 9:15 pm ET: There are now some reports that two officers have been shot:

UPDATE — 9:34 pm ET: Per the Courier-Journal, one photographer on the scene “said he saw ‘a line of officers move toward a gas station with rifles up. Shortly after, they had somebody pinned to the ground and cuffed.'”

UPDATE — 10:16 pm ET: An LMPD press conference earlier tonight confirmed that two officers were shot and a suspect is in custody. Chief Robert Schroeder said one of the officers is alert and stable, and the other is undergoing surgery and stable. Both suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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