Chris Rock, Rosie Perez Appear With Gov. Cuomo at Briefing to Promote Masks, Testing: I Passed My Covid Exam With a 65


Gov. Andrew Cuomo invited Brooklynites Chris Rock and Rosie Perez to his daily coronavirus briefing on Thursday to help promote social distancing and safety protocols amid the pandemic.

Perez opened by praising Cuomo’s coronavirus response, and expressing how proud she was to be working with him to spread information and ensure the safety of New Yorkers.

“In Brooklyn there’s a saying,” she said. “Spread love — the Brooklyn way, and I want to extend that to … all of America.”

She explained that spreading love meanings wearing a mask and following all health and safety guidelines in order to protect and respect every community and individual.

“I don’t care who you voted for,” she added. “I don’t care who you’re going to vote for. All I care is that we get out of this pandemic as quickly as possible, and as safely as possible.”

She then noted that those who fail to follow the New York guidelines are disrespecting themselves and the city, and failing to keep it safe.

Rock also thanked the governor, adding, “I watch you every single day. You bring me calm … You bring me joy every single day.”

“I don’t know what’s going on, I thought I lived in the United States, I thought I lived in a country, and now I realize that we have 50 countries,” he joked. “Right now we’re in the country of New York.”

He then joked that he took the coronavirus test today and passed with a score of 65, adding that he’s missed speaking into a microphone, referencing his career in standup.

The comedian then urged New Yorkers to get tested, suggesting that it can even be a social activity if people go in groups.

“Get tested, wear a mask,” both Rock and Perez said.

Perez acknowledged the videos of New Yorkers fighting in grocery stores when someone fails to wear a mask, begging people to follow the guidelines to “decrease anxiety.”

Cuomo agreed wearing a mask would reduce conflicts, prompting him to remind New Yorkers they must wear a mask while inside of any public space.

“Everyone needs to get on board. Everyone. Put your arrogance aside,” Perez added. “Put your ego aside, you know, and come together.”

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