Clarence Thomas Releases First Financial Disclosure Form Since Bombshell Revelations About His GOP Megadonor Pal


Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has released his first financial disclosure form since his friendship with Harlan Crow was thrown into the national spotlight. The form shows at least three new instances of Thomas receiving generosities from the Republican megadonor who appears to have been his benefactor the last few years.

It’s been approximately five months since ProPublica dropped its report on the many lavish gifts Thomas accepted from Crow over the years, which Thomas failed to reveal in his financial disclosure forms. Subsequent reports have explored further patronage Thomas received from Crow and his other wealthy cohorts, prompting questions about the Supreme Court’s ethical standards, and whether Thomas’ non-disclosures put him in trouble with federal law.

Thomas was granted a 90-day extension back in June to complete his 2022 financial disclosure forms, and Fox News flagged a part of the report showing that the Crow provided Thomas another private jet ride last year after the justice spoke at the American Enterprise Institute conference in Dallas. “The form says he had taken the plane due to an ice storm,” the outlet said.

Here are the other perks Thomas received from Crow that year, per Fox:

Thomas reported transportation and meals from Crow for another American Enterprise Institute event in May 2022, where he was a featured speaker. The report states Crow covered this travel due to “increased security risk following the Dobbs opinion leak.” Crow had also paid for the justice’s transportation and meals for a July trip to Keese Mill, New York, to his Adirondacks property, according to the disclosure.

The report goes on to show Thomas addressing his real-estate arrangement with Crow after Thomas sold him his mother’s house and two vacant lots for $133,363 in 2014. The arrangement allows Thomas’ mother, Leola Williams, to live on the property without paying rent as long as she covers the property taxes and insurance.

Watch above via CNN.

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