CNN’s Elie Honig Calls New Ruling In Trump Election Crimes Case ‘BIG Advantage’ For Trump


CNN legal analyst Elie Honig said a new ruling in ex-President Donald Trump’s election crimes case is a “big strategic and tactical advantage” for Trump.

Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee heard motions last week from attorneys for Trump co-defendants Kenneth Chesebro and Sidney Powell, who wanted their clients’ trials severed from the other 17 co-defendants by invoking the speedy trial law.

On Thursday, Judge McAfee ruled trials for those defendants would be severed, and commence on October 23.

Honig was a guest for coverage of the latest hearing on Thursday’s edition of CNN News Central, during which he reacted to the breaking news with a couple of key takeaways that he said were a “big positive development for Donald Trump”:

SARA SIDNER: That’s new. So I’m just. Elie, just straight to you. Now, there are going to be two separate trials. One? What does that mean for the timing of all this? Does that mean that Trump’s trial, which is the one that a lot of people are waiting for, will go after this and we will see, they will be able to watch all of this unfold?

ELIE HONIG: Yes. So, first of all, this is major news. This means we’re going to have at least two separate trial groups, at least two. First one, Chesebro and Sidney Powell, currently scheduled for late October. I put a question mark on whether we’re actually going to see a trial in October. And then a later group, the other 17 defendants, which very importantly includes Donald Trump.

This means two big things to me as a practical matter. One, Donald Trump’s trial in Georgia, the one that will be televised, is way, way, way far out, I think very, very likely to be pushed past the 2024 election, after the 2024 election.

The second thing is this is a big strategic and tactical advantage for Donald Trump and those other 16, because you know what they get to do now? They get to sit in the gallery and watch the whole earlier trial! They get to see every government witness. They get to see all the cross-examination, all the documents and make notes and adjust accordingly. So big positive development for Donald Trump and the other 16 here.

Watch the clip above CNN News Central.

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