Dan Abrams: If Trump Didn’t Attack Governors and Try to ‘Shift Blame,’ His Approval Would Be Over 60% Right Now


Mediaite founder and ABC News chief legal analyst Dan Abrams said today that President Donald Trump could have much better approval ratings right now if he had taken the right approach in addressing the coronavirus pandemic.

The president siding with the “fringe protesters” calling to reopen the country, Abrams said on his SiriusXM show, puts him “”out of touch with what Americans want, and what Americans want from him.”

“The president could be at 60+% approval right now,” Abrams said. “He could have a 60+% approval rating if he had — let’s even put aside some of the mistakes from February, put aside some of the comments he made in February minimizing the virus. Even starting in mid-March, if the president had just come forward and supported the doctors and the experts and not start supporting the protesters who want to open up the country immediately, I am convinced if he had taken the right tone, if he had focused not on attacking governors and trying to shift blame, but simply led by example and with his words, that he’d be at 60+% right now.”

And the fact his approval ratings aren’t better should “infuriate” his supporters, Abrams argued, because the numbers are sending a clear message.

Abrams even said Trump could have easily won in November if he had offered “a measured, inspiring, careful message.”

“This is not the president helping his own political position,” Abrams added.

You can listen above, via SiriusXM.

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