Former US Ambassador Torn Apart for ‘Depraved’ Suggestion There Are No ‘Innocent’ Russians: ‘Truly Lost It’


Michael McFaul

Former U.S. Ambassador Michael McFaul drew heavy criticism for declaring there are no more “innocent” or “neutral” Russians while the country continues to invade Ukraine.

McFaul, who was ambassador to Russia from 2012-2014, posted a series of tweets on Wednesday where he slammed Russia while raising the question of how many Russian citizens are truly in favor of their war with Ukraine.

McFaul’s rhetoric took a sharp turn, however, when he later stated “There are no more ‘innocent’ ‘neutral’ Russians anymore. Everyone has to make a choice — support or oppose this war. The only way to end this war is if 100,000s, not thousands, protest against this senseless war. Putin can’t arrest you all!”

Ever since the war began, there have been numerous examples of Russians protesting the invasion Ukraine. Many of whom did so at great personal risk from the government’s authoritarian tendency to crack down on political dissidents.

As news watchers took notice of McFaul’s tweet, many of them slammed the idea of collectively damning Russia’s citizens for the policies of Vladimir Putin, and they pointed out how his remarks have disturbing broader implications:

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