Fox Host Relentlessly Confronts Pro-Trump Colleague on Trump’s Violent Rhetoric: Do People Support Him ‘Wielding a Baseball Bat Threatening Mayhem?!’


Fox News’ Stuart Varney and Rachel Campos-Duffy went head-to-head over former President Donald Trump’s rhetoric.

In a heated debate on the Monday edition of Varney & Co, Campos-Duffy joined the round table to discuss the latest moves from Trump — who is still facing potential indictment. Varney asked her about the photo posted and then deleted by Trump, which showed him holding a baseball bat next to a picture of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

“Trump also posted… an image on social media. This is the one with the baseball bat. Okay. I’m not gonna show it because it’s been deleted,” Varney explained. “Does the country support Trump wielding a baseball bat threatening mayhem and calling Alvin Bragg an animal? Is that what we want to see in a presidential candidate?”

“Those are things we expect to see from Donald Trump,” Campos-Duffy replied. “This has already been baked in the cake.”

Varney reiterated the question, asking once again if it was something people liked.

“The people went to that rally, what they wanted to hear about was this two-tier justice system. And he has become a symbol of that,” Campos-Duffy said, dodging the question. She added, “And I think there’s a lot of conservatives out there who see, you know, whether it’s January 6th versus the 2020 rioters, how differently they were treated. Raiding Trump’s home and his kid’s bedroom. But Hunter Biden’s not.”

Campos-Duffy also attempted to bring up Venezuelans and how they reacted when the justice system was “weaponized against the opposition.”

“How do you think independents in this country will react?” Varney pushed.

“I don’t think he’s trying to win independents right now,” Campos-Duffy replied.

“He can’t win the election without independents!” Varney said.

“But you have to win the race you’re in right now. Right now he’s in a primary. You see it all the time, Stuart. You know that people pivot once they get into the general and versus the primary — right now, he’s trying to do something else,” Campos-Duffy explained.

Campos-Duffy even compared it to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis taking on indoctrination and cultural issues.

“I’ll return to my original question,” Varney said. “How do you think Americans feel about a presidential candidate wielding a baseball bat prior to a possible indictment and calling his judicial opponent, an animal. Now, how do you think we feel?”

“Listen, if you wanna line up all the things that Donald Trump has done that aren’t, you know, the way other people do it. I agree,” Campos-Duffy replied.

“I mean, there’s a lot of things that people don’t like about him. But at the same time, there’s a lot of people that like the strength that he shows and think that he is the one person who can take on what I think is a real deterioration in our country,” she added.

“Do I care that Donald Trump, you know, paid off some hooker?… I don’t love it. But you know what bothers me more? China paying off our president. Our current president. So I’m just saying, let’s just look at things in fairness,” Campos-Duffy concluded.

Watch above via Varney & Co.

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