Fox News Host Scolds Brit Hume For Defending Joe Biden: You’ve ‘Been in the Swamp Too Long!’


Fox News weekend host Steve Hilton sparred with Fox senior political analyst Brit Hume for objecting to Hilton’s use of a report on Joe Biden’s family to attack the former vice president.

Hilton, who hosts The Next Revolution on Fox , shared a link to a Politico report on members of Joe Biden’s family trying to use the Biden name to financially benefit.

Hilton pointed to the article as proof that Biden is “totally corrupt.”

The article states early on that “There’s no evidence that Joe Biden used his power inappropriately or took action to benefit his relatives with respect to these ventures,” something Hume pointed out in his response to Hilton.

Hilton then attacked Hume, saying “you have been in the Swamp too long if you think he is not corrupt!!!”

Hume did not relent, asking Hilton to provide a specific item that linked Biden to the report on his family.

Hilton then appeared to back off by indicating he was highlighting segments done on Biden for The Next Revolution.

Hume didn’t relent, telling Hilton that “saying the whole thing was just a promo for your show doesn’t exactly help your case.”

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