Fox’s Napolitano Makes Damning Case for Trump’s Conviction: The Evidence is ‘Ample and Uncontradicted’


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Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano wrote in a new opinion piece that the Senate has more than enough evidence to take the action of impeaching President Donald Trump.

“What is required for removal of the president?” Napolitano asks in his piece. “A demonstration of presidential commission of high crimes and misdemeanors, of which in Trump’s case the evidence is ample and uncontradicted.”

Napolitano makes his case by arguing that any Republican senator who whispered the idea that Trump will be “acquitted” are “unworthy of sitting as a juror and has violated the oath of ‘impartial justice’ and fidelity to the Constitution and the law.”

“I don’t blame President Trump for his angst and bitterness over his impeachment by the House of Representatives. In his mind, he has done ‘nothing wrong’ and not acted outside the constitutional powers vested in him and so his impeachment should not have come to pass,” the Fox News legal analyst writes.

“Hence, his public denunciations of his Senate trial as a charade, a joke and a hoax. His trial is not a charade or a joke or a hoax,” he continues. “It is deadly serious business based on well-established constitutional norms.”

In the opinion piece, Napolitano then explained what has occurred so far to date in the impeachment trial and how we have gotten to where we are today.

Napolitano’s argument was cited by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Eric Swalwell, both Democrats:

You can read the full opinion here.

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