Fox’s Sandra Smith Criticizes Border Patrol Union Official for Rant About ‘Invasion’ of Immigrants: ‘We Have to Push Back’


Fox News’ Sandra Smith moved to shut down a rant by a Border Patrol union official, who was defending his use of the word “invasion” to describe immigrants at the southern border.

Smith was speaking with National Border Patrol Council vice president Art Del Cueto on America’s Newsroom Thursday and was attempting to ask him about recent attacks on ICE facilities.

Del Cueto quickly went off the point, apparently angry at a recent New York Times piece that noted the mass shooter in El Paso, Texas echoed the rhetoric of various Fox News hosts and other conservative media personalities.

“There was a recent article that attacks various reporters from Fox, attacked Fox News, it named me on there as well, saying that we were responsible for some of these attacks that happened in El Paso. What was that based on? That was based on us talking about actual facts,” Del Cueto argued.

“When you have individuals in large quantities that enter another country by force or illegally, waving the flag of another country, that is an invasion. I stand by those words,” Del Cueto said.

Smith pushed back against Del Cueto.

“Hold on now,” Smith quickly interjected. “Obviously, we have to push back on comments like that. People will take issue with you calling it that. It is obviously a sensitive issue right now.”

Smith then steered the conversation back to ICE facilities and their security.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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