Giuliani Blames ‘Treacherous’ Bill Barr for Capitol Unrest: People Were ‘Angry’ He Failed to Investigate Election


Rudy Giuliani said Tuesday that blame for unrest in the Capitol should be attributed, at least in part, to former Attorney General William Barr.

Giuliani was responding an assertion by the former attorney general that President Donald Trump “precipitated” the Jan. 6 unrest in Washington, D.C. “It was treacherous, what he just did,” Giuliani said. “He has no basis for it. He was gone, in the sense of being able to investigate any of the facts.”

“The real cause of the violence, I think, if you want something other than antifa, is Bill Barr not investigating,” Giuliani added. “If the people are angry, they are angry that these crimes have gone unredressed, and we’ve gone two years with crimes unredressed.”

Giuliani, a personal attorney to the president, said Saturday that he would be “involved” in defending the president during his impeachment trial in the Senate this month, despite reports that the president has been refusing to pay Giuliani out of frustration with his failure to contest the election results. Giuliani retracted that claim on Sunday, saying he would be unable to participate in the trial due to the fact that he had spoken at the pro-Trump rally in Washington before its participants descended upon the Capitol.

He made his latest remarks in an interview on War Room Pandemic, a podcast hosted by Raheem Kassam and Steve Bannon, a former adviser in the Trump White House. He said earlier in their exchange that he believed antifa and a group known as the “Groypers” were responsible for violence associated with the Jan. 6 gathering.

“You see those guys scaling the walls?” Giuliani asked. “You think they were were worried about voter fraud? You think the guys with the bats, batting things in, dressed up all in black — does this look like a voter fraud crowd to you? These people had nothing to do with voter fraud.”

He added, “The people who instigated this … were antifa, [Groyper], and a couple of other groups. They deliberately planned it, irrespective of anything.”

Listen above via War Room Pandemic.

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