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Here Are Some of the Major Employers Hiring During the Coronavirus Crisis

With how many businesses were forced to shut down around the country for the sake of social distancing, there’s no denying that the coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on the global economy. However, state governments allowed businesses like supermarkets, hardware stores and gas stations to stay open, many of which have been deemed “essential services” for maintaining society’s needs and the integrity of the infrastructure.

With millions of people are out of work, several major national chains — particularly those with businesses that have been deemed essential — have announced that they are increasing headcount in the midst of this crisis.

Shoprite, Trader Joe’s and Food Bazaar are just some of the grocery stores which have announced that they’re taking on extra hands as people eat at home during the crisis. Other chains like Safeway have also announced that they are accepting applications in certain regions.

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Pharmacies and general stores like CVS, Walmart, and Dollar General have also announced a multitude of job openings. It remains to be seen how many of these jobs will end up being full-time or part-time, but for now, this will give people opportunities to work and help communities meet demands for medicine, home supplies, and other products.

While supply chains and the delivery process have been certainly disrupted, UPS and Amazon are also apparently hiring more people to help handle the surge of requests.

Other national businesses reportedly taking on new employees include; Dominos, PepsiCo, Walgreens, and 7-Eleven.

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