House Republicans Reportedly Consider Temporarily Assigning Jim Jordan to Intelligence Committee to Fight Impeachment

Jim Jordan

House Republican leadership is having “active and serious” discussions about temporarily assigning Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan to the Intelligence Committee so the party can more effectively fight the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump.

According to a senior Republican source, CBS News reports that party caucus leaders are mulling the shift of Jordan, who is the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, to Intelligence so he can pushback against Intel Chair, Democrat Adam Schiff, who is leading the House’s impeachment investigation. When Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the House Democrat’s rules for impeachment last week, Republicans protested, arguing that the process was an intentional move by Democrats to empower Schiff while isolating more vocal supporters of Trump.

“Jordan is viewed by some Republican colleagues as better equipped than [Rep. Devin] Nunes to be the Republican face of the inquiry because of his experience running investigations on the Oversight Committee,” CBS reports.

House rules require party membership totals on permanent select committees to remain the same during each Congressional session, but not the individual members, so if the Republicans were to briefly add Jordan to the Intel Committee they would also have to remove someone to keep their cohort size the same. Such a public switch, however, demonstrates a distinct lack of confidence in the current GOP ranking member of the Intel Committee, Nunes, who notably recused himself from the Russia investigation two years ago after he misleadingly claimed to have documents showing the Obama administration spied on the Trump 2016 campaign.

It’s still not clear if the Republicans will actually pull the trigger on such an unprecedented, high-profile move, though House rules appear to permit it.

“It’s a select committee. They can do whatever they want,” a Democratic lawmaker told CBS News about the potential switch. “They can say, for the purposes of this investigation, Jordan is a member of the committee. I don’t think we can fight that.”

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