Laura Ingraham Shrugs Off Trump Pushing Out Bolton: ‘Was Always Going to be Complicated Fit’


Fox News host Laura Ingraham, a long-time acquaintance of John Bolton who has hosted the foreign policy hawk numerous times on her show, unceremoniously brushed off news of the National Security Adviser’s ouster from the Trump White House, saying: “Let’s all be honest, it was always going to be a complicated fit.”

Bolton’s departure came amid a chaotic 24 hours where he openly accused President Donald Trump of lying about how he left his job.

Despite her personal connection to Bolton, and the fact that he was formerly a Fox News contributor prior to being selected to work as NSA, Ingraham spent little time dwelling on his abrupt removal. Nor did she acknowledge that Trump has had unprecedented turnover in his cabinet. Instead, she said the removal of Bolton, who joined Trump’s national security team just 17 months ago, was “long overdue.”

“I have known John Bolton for decades. He’s appeared on the show many times. We obviously really like him and respect him very much,” she said, quickly dispensing with the pleasantries. “But his position at the White House, let’s all be honest, it was always going to be a complicated fit. Remember, Bolton of course worked for [President] George W. Bush in one position as UN Ambassador and in some areas. He is closer to the interventionist wing of the GOP than he is to Trump’s ‘America First’ view. I still remember when the Democrats used to agree with being a less interventionist power. But then Trump derangement syndrome took hold and they became walking contradictions of themselves.”

Ingraham’s noticeably apathetic response stood in stark contrast to the reaction elsewhere on Fox News primetime, where host Tucker Carlson all but spiked a football in the end zone over the neoconservative Bolton’s ouster, calling it a “great day for America.” For her part, Ingraham did throw some sharp elbows at the press for what she criticized as overblown reactions to Trump forcing Bolton out and the sloppy way it was handled.

“Media goofballs are now focused on the discrepancy whether Bolton would quit or whether he was fired. He says the former and released this terse resignation letter, dated today, to prove it. Trump said he asked for the resignation — translation: fired him — last night. Who cares which it was?” she complained, before pivoting to heap adulation on Trump.

“He’s a true maverick because he came like a freight train at the old GOP foreign policy establishment that had gotten us bogged down in two costly wars as China grew basically unchallenged,” Ingraham claimed. She then implied that the president hasn’t followed though on his campaign pledge to end the costly war in Afghanistan because of people like John Bolton, who are his own political appointees. “Trump promised to bring our troops home from Afghanistan and yet the military and national security officials have mostly resisted him every step of the way on that goal. This frustrates the president to no end.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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