comScore Lou Dobbs Bashes CDC for Pushing 'Leftist Ideology'

Lou Dobbs Bashes CDC, Nation’s Public Health Agency Fighting Coronavirus Pandemic, for Pushing ‘Leftist Ideology’

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs took aim at the Centers for Disease Control, citing a far right, anti-Muslim activist’s critique of its expenditures to warn that the national public health agency in charge of fighting the coronavirus pandemic pushes “leftist ideology.”

On his Wednesday night’s show, Dobbs segued from praising the president’s response to the outbreak to an abrupt aside knocking the CDC, claiming that, in the past, it has exceeded its mission by studying the health impacts of gun violence and promoting “safe sex.”

“The Centers for Disease Control has a mission stating quote ‘The CDC works 24/7 the protected Americans from domestic and foreign threats to health, safety and security,” Dobbs said, before accusing the agency of partisanship. “The CDC, you might be curious to know, also uses taxpayer dollars on political issues that go well beyond fighting disease and in some cases support leftist ideologies.”

Dobbs then listed several projects that met his definition of inappropriate, liberal expenditures.

“The CDC has spent money, splitting $25 million with the National Institutes of Health, to study gun violence. Hosted a safe sex event with a porn star, held a transgender beauty contest and built a $106 million visitor center filled with waterfalls and Japanese gardens, very relaxing.”

Dobbs then thanked David Horowitz, a conservative extremist who has accused President Barack Obama of being a secret Muslim and accused American colleges of being dominated by communists and pro-terrorists, for providing those examples.

Watch the video above, via Fox Business.

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