Maddow Issues Dire Warning on Trump Purges: ‘The Dark Days Are Not Coming, the Dark Days are Here


Rachel Maddow issued a dire conclusion about the state of our union in the midst of an unleashed President Donald Trump’s ongoing purges of anyone deemed less than 100% loyal: “The dark days are not coming, the dark days are here.”

In an extended soliloquy on her Friday night show, the MSNBC host ran through a long list of the president’s recent personnel moves, which are part of a widespread campaign aimed at rooting out those that dared to disagree with him from the White House as well as other cabinet agencies. This heavy-handed moves, she ominously cautioned, meant that the Trump administration has passed the point where faux “concerns,” ambiguous “worries,” and milquetoast “appearances of impropriety” were appropriate descriptions.

“It’s not enough that you can’t ever criticize the president or, you know, noticed that he’s done something wrong in the course of your duties,” Maddow observed. “You can’t even fall under suspicion of seeming like the kind of person who might criticize the president. That’s enough to get you fired even if you didn’t actually criticize him.”

“And now, of course, it’s the intelligence community as well,” she added, alluding to reports that the president blew up at acting DNI Joseph Maguire for briefing him that the Russia is already meddling, again, to help him win the 2020 election. “The director of national intelligence really was just fired this week because somebody in his office had the temerity to tell Congress what Russia is doing this time to get him elected again.”

“I think this turn of events just in the last week or so in our country calls on us as citizens to do any number of things,” she explained, turning even more sober and dismissing the ineffectual language of many pundits and politicians in response to Trump’s repeated transgressions. “These are very dark turns the country has taken very quickly. But if nothing else, literally, the thing we can do at this point is stop talking about ‘concerns,’ ‘worries,’ ‘a potential chilling effect,’ the ‘appearance of impropriety’, the ‘appearance of conflict of interest,’ ‘the appearance of improper political influence,’ ‘concerns,’ ‘distress,’ ‘worries,’ right?”

“This is not a warning. The dark days are not coming. The dark days are here,” Maddow insisted, point-blank. “And so those of us who have imagined times like this for our country. You know, who might have thought that heroic thing for us to do as citizens if our country ever took these turns would be to sound the alarm, to articulate what’s wrong with the direction our country is taking and to warn people about where it’s heading. For those of us who thought that would be the kind of heroism called for, we were wrong. Because at least now that’s no longer the form of heroism that we need. That time is past. These guys are not sneaking around trying to get away with stuff, and the heroism is catching them and telling people what they’re doing. They are proclaiming openly that the rules gone, they will do utwhen they want, the government will be turned against you if you stand against this president. That is not a warning. That is where we are. And so what do we do?”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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