NBC’s Kristen Welker Tells Trump ‘You Will Be in Your 80s’ If Elected — ‘Does That Concern You At All?’


NBC News anchor and new Meet the Press moderator Kristen Welker asked ex-President Donald Trump if he’s “concerned” by the fact that “You will be in your 80s if you’re reelected.”

Welker has been tapped to replace Chuck Todd as host of the long-running Sunday show and political mainstay. She landed Trump as the headliner for her first episode airing this Sunday, and has been dropping advance clips for several days  — including exchangers in which Trump claims that he never even wanted to “think about” pardoning himself while president and that he will definitely testify under oath.

In a preview of her Trump interview for Meet the Press that aired on Saturday morning’s edition of NBC’s Saturday Today, Welker took a stab at the age issue that has dogged President Joe Biden but has not been as prominent in coverage of the 77-year-old Trump:

KRISTEN WELKER: What do you make of the age issue? Should there be an age limit to running for president?

FMR. PRES. DONALD TRUMP: No, but there should be a competency. I’m all for the test. You know, I took a test two years ago, three years ago. And as the doctors said — and it was in front of doctors and a whole big deal at Walter Reed, which is an incredible place. And I aced it. I get everything right. I’m all for testing. I frankly think testing would be a good thing. A lot of people say it’s not constitutional to do it. But I would be for testing, to test to make sure everyone’s just fine. But a lot of people say that can’t happen because of Constitution.

KRISTEN WELKER: What do you say to people who say, “It is time for a new generation of leaders in this country?”

FMR. PRES. DONALD TRUMP: Well, it’s always time for a new generation. But, you know, some of the greatest world leaders have been in their 80s. I’m not anywhere very near 80, by the way. And Biden’s not too old. I don’t think Biden’s too old. But I think he’s incompetent, and that’s a bigger problem. I don’t think 80 is old. I know people that are 89. I know a person 94, 95 who’s 100%. Bernie Marcus, take a look at Bernie Marcus, Home Depot. I mean, he has been amazing for so many years. He’s 95 years old. It’s really a level of competency, not the age.

KRISTEN WELKER: You will be in your 80s if you’re reelected. Does that concern you at all?

FMR. PRES. DONALD TRUMP: Well, I will be toward the end. No, because my father lived much longer than that. My mother lived much longer than that. So genetically, that’s a good thing.

Watch above via NBC’s Saturday Today.

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