Rep. Al Green Tells Fox’s Neil Cavuto, ‘I’m Willing to Forgive the President, But He’s Never Asked for Forgiveness’


Rep. Al Green (D-TX) said in a Thursday interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto he was “willing to forgive the president” but that he had “never asked for forgiveness,” while also likening protesters after George Floyd’s death to non-violent Civil Rights movement leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“The community of Texas understands that we can have what are called ‘peace officers,'” Green said. “We want persons who will come in uniform, but who are coming to de-escalate to bring about peace where possible, not to escalate as saw with Mr. Floyd. This was an unnecessary escalation that cost a man his life, and over what may be a $20 dispute. And we haven’t heard enough about whether the dispute was actually real.”

Cavuto asked Green he would like to hear from President Donald Trump, who visited Green’s state on Thursday for a roundtable with community leaders.

“Mr. Cavuto, thank you for allowing me to say this. This is from my heart. I am willing to forgive the president, but he’s never asked for forgiveness. There are many things he should atone for, in my opinion — by the way, there are things I should atone for, too,” Green said. “It would help me if he would talk about institutionalized racism, systemic racism. If he would acknowledge that it exists, and that it exists in some police departments in this country.”

He later added, “We need, now, reconciliation. We survived slavery, but we didn’t reconcile, Mr. Cavuto. We survived lawful segregation, but we didn’t reconcile. It’s time for reconciliation.”

“It’s time for us to come to terms with each other,” Green insisted. “Black and white in this country should come to terms. We need a Department of Reconciliation at the Cabinet-level with a Secretary of Reconciliation … we need such a person. And that person’s job would be, every day, to do what can be done to end racism and invidious discrimination.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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