Texas Rep. Chip Roy Gets Shellacked for Telling Biden ‘Kiss My A**’ Over Mask Mandate


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Republican Texas Congressman Chip Roy sparked blistering blowback with a profane response to President-elect Joe Biden’s pledge to enact a mask mandate on federal property on day one of his administration.

President-elect Biden tweeted a video message captioned “On day one, I’ll sign an executive order to require masks everywhere I can,” which presumably would include the Capitol complex.

Roy responded by retweeting Biden, and adding “On day one I will tell you to kiss my ass.”

That response touched off blistering reactions from political figures, including Democratic New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. On Friday, AOC wrote “Can’t tell you how weird it is to regularly watch my colleagues do and say things like this to little comment, but if I get a haircut or wear anything better than a rusty bucket to the Capitol then it’s considered a national scandal.”

Roy later commented on AOC’s tweet, and tried to cast his remark as merely “colorful.”

Minnesota Congresswoman and fellow Squad-member Ilham Omar weighed in Friday as well.

But journalists, media and political figures, and other prominent Twitter users lambasted Roy for a variety of reasons, including the disrespect he showed the office of the presidency and the raging pandemic that Biden’s mask mandate is intended to fight, to name just a few.

More Americans are dying every day from COVID-19 than died on 9/11, and the director of the CDC says this will continue for 60 to 90 days.

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