TV News Has Mentioned Trump’s Golfing About 12,000 Times Since He Became President, 7 Times More Than Obama

President Donald Trump on the Golf Course

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A story about President Donald Trump’s frequent golf outings went viral on Saturday, but a review of cable news archives shows that cable news coverage of Trump’s hobby far outstrips the attention the media paid to former President Barack Obama’s adventures on the links at this point in his presidency.

The National Memo‘s Oliver Willis went viral Saturday with an article entitled “In 2019, Trump Visited Golf Clubs At Least Once Every Five Days” that was pegged to CNN’s tracking of Trump’s golf outings. That analysis showed Trump spent nearly one out of every four days in 2019 at a golf property.

And as Willis noted in his commentary, Trump’s golf outings far exceed those of President Obama, despite Trump’s contemporaneous complaining about Obama’s indulgence of the pastime:

Trump has golfed nearly as many times in his three years in office as President Barack Obama did in both of his terms. Trump frequently complained about Obama golfing too often.

“With all of the problems and difficulties facing the U.S., President Obama spent the day playing golf,” Trump tweeted in 2014.

The New York Times recently reported that even White House calls and meetings to discuss frozen military aid to Ukraine had to be scheduled around Trump’s rounds of golf.

Trump does golf more than Obama. A lot more. Various trackers peg Trump at around 240 days at golf properties since taking office, versus 93 for Obama at this point in his presidency. And while the press did have a tendency to obsess about Obama’s golf habits, their golf coverage of Trump blows the doors off Obama’s.

According to data from the Internet Archive, cable and broadcast news have mentioned Trump and golf together 11,917 times since he took office, versus 1,709 mentions of Obama and golf up to this point in his presidency.

MSNBC leads the way in Trump coverage with 2,013 mentions, followed by CNN at 1,877 and Fox News at 1,105.

At this point in the Obama presidency, though, it was Fox News at the top of the heap with 306 mentions, followed by MSNBC at 246 and CNN at 150.

One reason for the disproportionate disparity in overall coverage is the fact that Trump’s golf outings cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars, and since Trump owns the properties at which he golfs, he stands to profit handsomely from the hobby.

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