CNN’s John Avlon Asks: How Many Mar-a-Lago Trips Does It Take to Pay for Special Olympics?


President Donald Trump‘s proposal to cut funding to the Special Olympics, which angered many, has spiked talks of his budget cut proposals over the years.

“President Trump has reversed his position on funding the Special Olympics. Originally, his administration thought $17 million was too much to pay for them,” said CNN’s Alisyn Camerota this morning. “Do you know what else is expensive? Trips to Mar-a-Lago.”

As Trump began his weekend in his Florida vacation home Friday, CNN broke down the cost of how many Mar-a-Lago trips it would take to pay for Trump’s various budget cut proposals. CNN’s John Avlon used a diagram of coins representing $3.4 million each, which according to the Washington Post, is the cost of each trip.

“Think about that number, because the President goes there a lot. Some 51 nights over 19 trips. That translates to $69 million taxpayer dollars just to get the President to and from Florida,” said Avlon. “Consider the Education Department contributes about $17.6 million to the Special Olympics overall budget. That’s only about five Mar-a-Lagos. And that’s not all.”

Avlon to analyze the costs of funding cuts to the Health and Human Services, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and Puerto Rico hurricane relief, which would cost about 9,000 Mar-a-Lago trips. Avlon compared Trump’s expensive vacation costs to former President Barack Obama‘s less expensive costs, and criticized him for focusing so negatively on Obama’s love for golf when he is now an avid golfer himself.

“Everyone is entitled to some R & R, but Trump has spent more than a quarter of his presidency at one of his resorts… Trump’s trips to Mar-a-Lago are at some $69 million to date,” said Avlon. “In difficult times, difficult decisions have to be made. Budgets are moral documents. It’s worth looking at the tens of millions of taxpayer dollars spent at the president’s leisure and asking how those Mar-a-Lagos might be better spent on Americans in need.”

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