Watch Full Version of Deceptively Edited Joe Biden Clip Discussing ‘Our European Culture’


Former Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is the subject of a viral video deceptively edited to show him appearing to say that American culture is “not imported from some African nation,” but is a “European culture.” His full remarks show him denouncing a “white man’s culture” that promotes violence against women.

On Wednesday, an anonymous Twitter account by the name of “mooncult” posted a thread consisting of very short snippets of Biden, along with commentary. One of those tweets was the clip in question, along with the caption “Biden proclaims the ‘European’ identity of America: ‘Our culture is not imported from some African nation.'”

The clip features an emphatic Biden saying “Our culture, our culture, it’s not imported from some African nation or some Asian nation, it’s our English jurisprudential culture, our European culture.”

The clip was widely circulated on Twitter, and while obviously excised from a more complete thought, seemed designed to imply that Biden views America as having a white cultural identity.

While the video was racking up hundreds of thousands of views, others were pointing out the obviously cherry-picked nature of the clip, and folks like CNN’s Daniel Dale debunked it.

The video comes from a Biden campaign event in Derry, New Hampshire this past Monday during which Biden was asked, by a woman in the crowd, “could you speak to your work with women and sexual assault, domestic violence, and give us an idea of your vision for that in our country?”

Biden launched into a nearly 15-minute response that began with the premise that ending violence against women is about “fundamentally changing our culture in America.” Biden cited the “Rule of Thumb” narrative, to describe the tolerance of violence against women in old English common law.

He went on to say that “all the women’s groups” opposed him when he first began working on the Violence Against Women Act, but “I persisted in writing the legislation” with the help of service providers, who “embarrassed everyone” into helping him. According to The New York Times, Biden’s proposal “had little support from women’s groups or civil rights groups” in 1990.

Biden related some of the harrowing stories of the women who testified in support of the act, talked about the statistics on college sexual abuse, the “It’s on us” program, then slammed current Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos for rolling back Title IX.

Eleven minutes into the response, Biden reached the passage that was clipped into that viral video.

“Folks, this is about changing the culture, our culture,” Biden said, adding “Our culture is not imported from some African nation or some Asian nation, it’s our English jurisprudential culture, our European culture that says it’s all right.”

The response ended with another woman in the audience telling Biden “I just wanted to say thank you for running, thank you for setting such a good example of kindness and respect” for young men like her students.

Watch the video above via ABC News.

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