WATCH Kellyanne Conway Refuse to Say Lev Parnas is Lying When Asked FOUR TIMES in Brutal Fox News Interview


White House counselor Kellyanne Conway refused to say whether indicted Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas was lying about President Donald Trump, even when Fox News anchors pressed her four times to answer “yes or no?”

During a brutal interview on Thursday morning’s edition of Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, anchors Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith took four shots at the question, and while Conway’s lengthy responses included everything from mock courtroom skits to Mecklenburg shout-outs, she would not offer the “yes” or “no” that were requested.

“What is the White House’s position on his allegations that are now public?” Hemmer asked of Parnas’ accusations that Trump directed his activities in Ukraine.

“Well remember, people who go on TV are never under oath,” Conway said, then attacked Parnas’ credibility by citing his arrest and indictment, and by offering canned statements by administration spokespeople as contradictory evidence.

She then attacked the media and Democrats for ascribing credibility to Parnas, who has also submitted copious documentary evidence to the House Intelligence Committee.

“I understand what you’re saying, but are you saying flat-out 100% what he alleges is not true? Yes or no?” Hemmer asked.

Conway performed a short skit, saying “When Lev Parnas says ‘The president knew all of my moves, he gave consent,’ objection, you cannot say what somebody else knew or thought. You can’t do that,” and adding “that was a TV show, not a court of law.”

She then launched into a rant about the various scandals that have embroiled Trump, and noted that “the major networks have spent less than 1% on the President’s economy and trade, and most the time on Ukraine.”

“But back on Parnas, sorry, cut through it, is he lying or not, Kellyanne?” Hemmer interrupted.

“Well he’s a proven liar, he’s been indicted, and so I’ve never, look, I’ve never heard the president mention this person to me ever a single time,” Conway said, then launched into her familiar speech about not having personally spoken to Russians in 2016, which includes a shot at Hillary Clinton.

As that wound down, Smith interjected: “But to just finish on that point, it’s a yes or no question, Trump knew exactly what was going on, said Lev Parnas, and we are asking is that statement true or false?”

“Trump knew what was going on how?” Conway asked, then proceeded through another lengthy response that included attacks on former Vice President Joe Biden, but not the words “yes” or “no.”

Watch the clip above via Fox News.

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