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Watch Roger Stone Lash Out at Lawyer in Heated Deposition: ‘Run Back to the Judge Like a Little B*tch’

Roger Stone lashed out under questioning from a conservative lawyer as part of an hours-long deposition in South Florida, just days before he was sentenced in his criminal case in Washington D.C.

The grueling questioning came as part of a case unrelated to the high profile D.C. trial: A slew of civil libel lawsuits filed by conservative lawyer Larry Klayman against Stone and his associates. Klayman posted the five-plus hours of heated depositions online last week — though the videos went unnoticed as Stone’s sentencing in the criminal trial swallowed up the news-cycle, until they were reported by Politico on Friday.

Klayman and Stone are apparently not fond of each other. The deposition kicks off with the lawyer confronting Stone for showing up late, asking “You have little to no respect for court or judicial process do you?”

By 50 minutes in, Klayman brought up allegations Stone attended swinger parties.

“Relevance?” Stone shot back.

The first blow up came shortly afterwards, as Klayman questioned Stone on his claim (which Klayman says is false) that the lawyer “never won a courtroom victory in his life.”

After both accused the other of lying, a lawyer stepped in, calling for a break.

“Have fun molesting your own children Larry?” Stone exclaimed as he got up and threw his mic down. (Klayman denied any claims of molestation to Politico: “Those are false,” he said. “I didn’t sexually harass anybody… I’ve never been found to have molested anybody.”)

“Fuck you!” Stone said as he walked away.

A few hours later, Stone responded to Klayman’s badgering with: “God you are an asshole.” Later, during a heated exchange, Klayman brought up the investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

“If you want to keep insulting me, this will be over and you can run back to the judge like a little bitch!” Stone erupted.

“Did you just call me a bitch?” Klayman asked.

“You’re acting like one,” Stone replied. “You don’t have anything, my friend. You got nothing,” he continued, before his lawyer instructed him to calm down.

When the deposition came back from a break, Klayman demanded Stone define “bitch” for him — to no avail.

Stone was sentenced to three years in prison in the criminal trial after he was convicted of seven felony charges, including lying to Congress and threatening a witness.

Watch a clip from the deposition above, via Larry Klayman.

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