Larry Klayman

Conservative Lawyer Sues Obama, Black Lives Matter Activists For Inciting ‘Race War’

Sheriff Arpaio’s Lawyer Says Obama ‘Rules Like He Is King George III in 1776’

Conservative Activist Files Petition to Deport Obama: ‘He’s an Illegal Alien’

CNN’s Don Lemon, Toobin Battle Tea Partier Larry Klayman on NSA: You’re a Paranoid Lunatic!

‘Who’s the Whore Now?’ Bashir Gets In Explosive Argument With Tea Party Guest

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Protest Rhetoric: ‘You Have To Respect the President’

Tea Party Makes Andrea Mitchell Miss 2008 John McCain; 2012 John McCain Still a Disgrace

Million Vet March Organizers: We Were ‘Hijacked for Political Gain’

Don Lemon, GOP Guest Erupt Over ‘Million Vet March’: ‘Aren’t You Embarrassed for Your Party?’

Million Vet March Denounces Memorial Closures, Obama: ‘Put the Quran Down’

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