94-Year-Old Betty White Admits That She Would Still Date ‘But Nobody Asks Me!’

On this Thanksgiving Day, is there anybody to give our collective thanks to more than Betty White?

The living legend’s career has spanned seven decades and at 94-years-old, she shows no sign of slowing down. She sat down with Al Roker of the NBC TODAY Show for a special interview before the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, discussing some of her favorite characters from her career. Roker asked White if she felt that she was like Sue Ann Nivens — her memorable character from The Mary Tyler Moore Show — or the Golden GirlsRose.

“I havent a clue!” she said with a laugh. “I would probably say Sue Ann Nivens.”

“She was a feisty one,” added Roker.

“Well, she liked men! So does Betty,” she joked. “It’s kind of a hobby of mine. But the men don’t know it.”

Al Roker followed it up later in the interview by asking White directly if she still dates, which prompted the following admission from the TV legend: “Nobody asks me! Who’s gonna want to ask out a 93-year-old — 94! — year-old woman? It just doesn’t happen.”

White also discussed her long career in television, identifying the ways in which working in the industry has changed for women. “It was a privilege to be allowed to work at that time,” she recounted of her early days in television.

“Do you have any plans to slow down or retire?” asked Roker in earnest.

“Why? No!” she responded with vim.

Watch above via NBC, and happy Thanksgiving! Information to stream the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade can be found here.

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