comScore A Guided Tour of Erick Erickson's Past Tweets

A Guided Tour of Erick Erickson’s Past Tweets

RedState head honcho Erick Erickson made late-night headlines on Friday when he cancelled his invitation to Donald Trump to attend the conservative blog’s Atlanta event on Saturday. Since then, the blogger has been on the receiving end of a wide array of pro-Trump and anti-political correctness conservatives online. Yet as many political reporters on Twitter have noted, the irony of Erickson being the one to call Trump out for sexism is very, very high.

Many who weren’t happy with Erickson suggested that he only wanted the high attendance numbers that Trump’s presence would supposedly guarantee. However, the opposite seems to be the case:

Erickson even quoted Trump’s own tweet about missing the event, in which the business mogul blamed political correctness and called it a weakness:

Others were just downright from-left-field funny:

Yet the truth of the matter shined brightest when he pulled a trick out of Trump’s own playbook. In other words, he reminded everyone that RedState was his to do with as he pleased:

Perhaps Erickson’s pride in this matter is the best place to start with the treasure trove of past tweets dug up by The Daily Beast’s Olivia Nuzzi on Friday and Saturday. For despite his latest efforts to emphasize “common decency” over “political correctness,” his social media history is quite entertaining.

Highlights include:

You’re welcome.

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