A Presidential Campaign Will Not Stop Donald Trump from Starting More Media Feuds


If you thought Donald Trump would stop trying to pick fights with media outlets that don’t like him after announcing his 2016 run, wow, you really don’t know Trump.

Trump has feuded with everyone from Rosie O’Donnell to an assortment of conservative commentators to Bill Maher to pretty much anyone in the news who dares do anything less than lick his boots.

But now he has the weight of “presidential candidate” behind his name (that shuddering feeling you’re getting is normal), so now it becomes just a teeny bit sadder when Trump does stuff like this:

Trump was lashing out because of today’s Daily News cover on Trump’s announcement:

And not only did Trump lash out at them again on Fox & Friends this morning and call them a dying paper, he also responded to Charles Krauthammer saying on Fox yesterday that no one should take him seriously and the core essence of his campaign is “I have a lot of money.”

Trump insulted Krauthammer quite a bit and called both him and George Will “losers.”

I’ll take this opportunity to remind you this man is running for president now.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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