A Stranded Train Filled With NYC Poop is Causing a Huge Stink in Alabama


A stinking trainload full of human excrement is causing a “nightmare” for residents of a small Alabama town.

For over two months, the so-called ‘poop train’ has sat idle next to the little league fields in Parrish, a tiny community with just under 1000 residents that just so happens to sit downwind of the New York City sewage’s final destination, a landfill 20 miles away.

Local residents say the disgusting smell is just too much to bear at this point, especially at dusk.

“Oh my goodness, it’s just a nightmare here,” Mayor Heather Hall told NBC. “It smells like rotting corpses, or carcasses. It smells like death.”

The trouble started when officials in West Jefferson, the town where the dried sewage cargo is transferred to trucks to take the landfill, obtained an injunction barring any more of New York City’s trainloads of poo from being taken there.

That left the train now menacing Parrish with its horrible smell with no place to go. So the train was simply stranded next to the ball fields leaving locals to deal with a big stink.

According to the Parrish mayor, laws simply don’t exist to prevent New York City from dumping its poo train there.

“We’re probably going to look at creating some simple zoning laws for the town of Parrish so we can be sure something like this does not happen again,” Hall said, adding she is hopeful that the poo train’s contents will be hauled away soon.

Meanwhile, the stinking mess is just the most recent example of a bigger problem impacting Alabamans quality of life.

Thanks to permissive laws and few regulations, Alabama has become a dumping ground for other states’ waste and refuge in recent years, and after the federal government banned New York City from dumping its poop in the ocean, the go-to destination for New York City poop.

Locals, though, think that it is about time that changes.

“Would New York City like for us to send all our poop up there forever?” Parrish resident Sherleen Pike asked. “They don’t want to dump it in their rivers, but I think each state should take care of their own waste.”

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