A Year Of Obama: Top Ten Highs And Lows Of The Last Twelve Months

The War Against Fox News

Phew. It’s been a long nine months! NINE MONTHS. Sometimes it’s difficult to remember just how short a period of time Obama has been in the White House when you, say, regard today’s election coverage of three rather smallish races that in past election cycles would not have merited a blip (and yes I know Virginia is a battleground state, and NY-23 is considered by some to be a measure of whether the G.O.P. has completely gone off its rocker, but still!). Apparently the White House sussed out that we are now a country in need (want?) of continual campaign-like coverage because their declaration of ‘war’ on Fox News certainly successfully submerged the news cycle for the last three weeks. And voila! We have a sort of health care bill. Maybe in another nine months we’ll also have a sort of ecomony. Dare to dream audaciously! Below, Anita Dunn on Reliable Sources.

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