ABC News Releases E-Book On Life And Death Of Bin Laden

ABC News produced so much content–video, print and otherwise–about the life and death of Osama bin Laden, there’s not enough programming time for the network to share it all. Solution? A digital book, Target: Bin Laden–The Death and Life of Public Enemy Number One, that combines hours of video, infographics, and the reporting of some of ABC’s top journalists. The project–the third to be produced by ABC News this year–represents an entirely new platform for news divisions, a unique storytelling format that takes advantage of the multimedia capabilities of tablets like the iPad. “They combine vivid writing, compelling video, and interactive features,” Joe Ruffolo, senior vice president of ABC News Digital, told Mediaite.

The new e-book (billed by ABC as a “video book”), which was released this week, is sold in Apple’s iTunes store for $7.99. The book, co-written by ABC’s Jim Sciutto, David Wright, Pierre Thomas, and Bill Blakemore includes chapters written by Terry Moran, Martha Raddatz, Brian Ross, Nick Schifrin, and Jake Tapper. It also includes video from the ABC News archives from the morning of September 11, 2001, and video by Brian Ross of the hunt for bin Laden.

“This story is so powerful largely in part because it was written by a team of esteemed journalists who covered the story first hand,” said Ruffolo. “ABC News Digital is not afraid to take chances to find the next best way to reach our viewers and continue to build our community.”

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