After Melania Trump Said She Didn’t Like Her GQ Profile, Its Author Got Anti-Semitic Threats


Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 5.16.25 PMYesterday, the GQ profile on Melania Trump hit the Internet like a ton of Slovenian bricks. She has been extremely quiet during this election season, which the profile sheds light on by highlighting her “traditional” views of her marriage and role within it. Her noted reticence made the feature on her all the more interesting, especially since, thus far, her impact on the campaign has been dictated by others‘ narratives, not her own.

Interestingly, she kept the focus on herself last night by speaking out about the profile, calling it “dishonest.” She railed especially hard against the woman who did the reporting, saying, “Julia Ioffe, a journalist who is looking to make a name for herself, clearly had an agenda when going after my family.”

Whether Ioffe went “after” Trump’s family back in Slovenia is a matter of opinion and depends completely on what you feel a journalist’s role really is. What is less of a matter of opinion is the fact that supporters of Trump’s husband, Donald Trump, are going “after” Ioffe with force.

To warn you, the following tweets are very antisemitic.

Ioffe’s colleagues in the media have begun defending her…

…as has the Anti-Defamation League…

…because she has started receiving scary phone call.

Today has a unique meaning to the journalist, too.

As of this posting, she has not tweeted in about 50 minutes. Here’s hoping all is well.

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