Andrew Breitbart Denies Rift With James O’Keefe Led Him To Pass on NPR Video


Conservative activist James O’Keefe is making headlines with his undercover video of NPR executives candidly discussing the Tea Party, federal funding of their organization, and other topics. Some have speculated that, because O’Keefe broke the story on The Daily Caller, rather than via O’Keefe mentor and conservative media giant Andrew Breitbart’s “Big” sites, there must be a rift between the two. In exclusive remarks to Mediaite, Breitbart denied any such rift, saying he’s “gleeful” for the attention O’Keefe’s videos are getting.

O’Keefe’s star rose, along with Breitbart’s, when his ACORN videos were published at the launch of Breitbart’s Big Government website, but Breitbart was also very critical of O’Keefe when news of his involvement in a plot to sexually humiliate then-CNN correspondent Abbie Boudreau. While Breitbart eventually took O’Keefe at his word that he had rejected aspects of the plan, he still felt O’Keefe owed Boudreau an explanation.

With the release of the NPR videos to conservative website The Daily Caller, speculation arose that Breitbart had passed on the story, and that he and O’Keefe were on the outs. According to Breitbart, though, nothing could be further from the truth. He denies passing on the NPR videos, and said, “I’ve said all along that James needs to be an independent journalist. His ACORN videos weren’t posted exclusively on Breitbart sites.”

“The mainstream media uses me as a way to marginalize James,” he continued, “and James as a means to marginalize me.”

Breitbart went on to say that he’s “absolutely gleeful that the NPR videos are getting mass media attention.”

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