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Ann Coulter Tweets Support For Affirmative Action: ‘American Blacks Got Short End of Stick’

Contentious conservative pundit and Delta Airlines scourge Ann Coulter endorsed affirmative action for African-Americans via a number of tweets on Tuesday, asserting that they are the only ethnic group who deserve to gain from the policy.

Coulter chose to reaffirm her position on the issue while voicing disdain toward an undocumented immigrant who received a full-ride scholarship to Harvard. These pro-affirmative action tweets did come to the chagrin of her conservative audience, as many of the replies to her tweets include Trump-supporters pushing back against the sentiment.

However, in response to those who may find this surprising, Coulter told Mediaite senior editor Jon Levine this stance is nothing new for her, enthusiastically claiming that she has voiced her support for these policies “a million times.”

Coulter justified her position on the issue in an email.

“I think elements of the grievance culture have not especially helped black people, but THEY’RE THE ONLY ONES WE OWE. For about two centuries, American blacks got the short end of the stick from this country, so we ought to be devoting all our concern and compassion to THEM. What do we owe someone who arrived yesterday?… It kills me to think of all the resources dedicated to third world immigrants over the past 30 years… that should have been dedicated to eliminating the black underclass and moving all black people into the middle class.”

She also endorsed this positive discrimination practice in her book ¡Adios America! The Left’s Plan To Turn Our Country Into A Third World Hell Hole, where Coulter juxtaposes the interests of black Americans with immigrants from developing countries — which she unsubtly refers to as “parasites from the entire world.”

While Coulter may have voiced support for affirmative action policies in the past, she also has a history of what many consider racist statements and actions. The controversial pundit has often associated with white nationalists, including attending their eventspromoting their articles, and echoing their talking points.

Additionally, Coulter recently bemoaned the changing racial demographics of Europe — a common white nationalist grievance — tweeting, “In 20 years, Russia will be the only country that is recognizably European.”

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