Ann Romney: Muslim President ‘Might Happen’; Carson: I Certainly Hope Not

ann romney carsonThanks to Ben Carson, the issue of whether a Muslim can become President of the United States has become a particularly controversial one on the right. Even Ann Romney was asked about it.

In a new interview with USA Today‘s Susan Page today, Romney talked a lot about her personal health but also the issue of a president of a different faith, an issue her family is very familiar with.

Romney repeatedly said there’s no religious litmus test for a reason, and “if they have compassion, if they are genuine, if they have knowledge of foreign affairs, if they are good,” then anyone of any faith should of course be able to serve as president.

And so she said a Muslim president “might happen.” Enter Carson:

Yep, Carson’s still talking about the thing that he kept complaining yesterday the media still wants to talk to him about.

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