Another Famous Musical Act Is Displeased About Their Tunes Being Used at RNC


Two things in the world of entertainment are certain:

1. Musicians wield a special power over the collective consciousness and can be heavy-hitting influencers when they choose to flex.

2. Everyone, no matter who they are, has to go through the appropriate channels to use a musician’s song for their own gain or promotion.

Mike Huckabee learned that the hard way. After he parodied Adele‘s super-hit “Hello,” he got quickly shut down by her lawyers. He suspended his campaign shortly thereafter. Coincidence? Who knows! (Adele also came down on Donald Trump for using one of her songs to campaign, as did Twisted Sister, so a pattern is emerging already.)

Yesterday, the Republican National Committee learned the hard way, too… almost. The frontman of The Turtles threatened them with legal action for using his song “Happy Together,” but was not happy to learn that he had no recourse when it comes to covers.

You didn’t think that was the end of it, though, did you? More artists have been speaking up about their annoyance that the RNC is using their music.

Donald Trump and Co. played “We Are the Champions” but the original champions, Queen, used Twitter to express displeasure with the move. Whether legal action is forthcoming remains to be seen.

In general, the music industry appears to lean left and there is no shortage of outrage whenever a Republican uses a song without permission. The big convention happening in Cleveland right now, where hundreds of GOP members are congregated, is bound to bring more of these stories based on probability and statistics alone.

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