Anthony Weiner Gets Booed For Blaming ‘Mainstream Media’ Colbert For Trump Coverage


Former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner did not exactly get a hero’s welcome last night in front of his hometown crowd.

Appearing on The Late Show, the embattled Weiner — who has admittedly joked about his 2013 crotch shot scandal and taken criticism in stride — did his best Debbie Wasserman Schultz impression by earning himself a hearty round of boos Monday night at the suggestion that the show’s host was culpable for the insurgent candidacy of Donald Trump.

“It’s you in the mainstream media that give him so much oxygen,” said Weiner with a finger point.

The crowd at the Ed Sullivan Theater did not take the criticism of their beloved Colbert lightly, as boos broke out. Colbert joked: “I’m mainstream media? Thanks I’ll take that as a compliment. I made it! I’m mainstream!” he said to cheers.

As soon as the crowd began to chant the host’s name, he laughed it off saying “We’re live, we gotta go.” Unsurprisingly, Weiner was championing the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic party nominee that Weiner’s wife — Huma Abedin — closely advises. While the former congressman was quick to credit the upstart Bernie Sanders campaign for the dialogue brought to the campaign trail, he also noted that the recent complaints hurled at the Democratic National Committee were fruitless.

“The DNC is irrelevant,” he said, comparing the kerfuffle to complaining about the commissioner’s office during the World Series. “The DNC doesn’t have any real authority over anything. This is an election that went over 50 states. Hillary Clinton dominated the election: she won by over 4 million votes, [and] got more delegates,” he said. “But, on the issues, Bernie Sanders made her a lot better.”

Watch the above interview with Weiner from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

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